Eraquell Pellets

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Product code: hweraquell

The product has been developed and marketed by the leading equine anthelmintic company that developed Equimax. A product you know will be supported with technical, veterinary and commercial support. A product that is the result of quality manufacture and innovative development designed specifically for the Australian market

Cereal Pellet Presentation

Take the fuss out of worming by presenting the anthelmintic as a treat presentation. No fuss/no sifting/no worries


Readily accepted by horses so it makes worming easier

Contains Ivermectin

Up to 100% effective against equine worms including Bz resistant strongyles, and bots does not treat tapeworm

Dose Interval of every 6-8 weeks

Drenching interval fits in with existing programs

Wide Margin of Safety

Safe to treat all horses including pregnant mares and stallions. You can have peace of mind when using on your valued horse.

Price: $20.00

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