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Vetsearch Strategy-T Paste is a broad spectrum anthelmintic for horses. The two compounds contained in Strategy-T act synergistically to provide a high level of efficacy against small strongyles Cyaththostomum sp., Triodontophorus sp. including benzimidazole resistant strains, large strongyles Strongylus sp. , pinworms Oxyuris equi , and large roundworms Parascais equorum . Greater than 70% activity also against tapeworms Anoplocephala perfoliata .
Composition: Each 30ml contains oxfendazole 6g, pyrantel embonate 7.8g.
Dose: 5ml/100kg bodyweight. Safe for foals, pregnant mares and breeding stallions.
Presentation: Paste vanilla flavoured, dial-a-dose syringe 30ml.

Price: $19.00

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